Mastering Visualization: The Creative Art to Success
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Master Visualization
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The Gittelman-Silva two day workshop is a practical and valuable tool to help you connect and utilize your own highest intelligence and successfully use it to create abundance and happiness in your life. – Diane H.

I found Justin to be a knowledgeable, skilled, and articulate speaker and trainer. He brings integrity and a true desire to make a difference in this world into his two day awrokshops.. He lives what he teaches and that passion and purpose shines through in all his interactions with people. I would recommend Justin Gittelman and the two day workshops to anyone looking to create positive active change in their life personally or professionally. - Tammera L.

Welcome to the 21st Centuries - Whole Mind Theory

You will experience more happiness, success and satisfaction. You could create total alignment with your mind, purpose, and outcome. You could create a plan and achieve this plan and become a total success.

The Gittelman-Silva Two Day Event is a powerful, life-changing program that gives you access to your most powerful resource, Your Mind.

Your mind is a muscle that must be used to create, grow, and attune your intelligence for increasing success and happiness in your life. The problem is nobody’s ever taught us how to use it. Create a daily mindset so effective that you begin to achieve higher levels of clarity, certainty, and prosperity in business and life.

These are scientifically-proven methods, which allow you to access untapped areas of your brain. We constantly live in a world of four major brain wave frequencies. In this session you will learn how to access the most creative, intelligent, imaginative, frequencies available to you. Many of you are feeling these rhythms already. How about self access to this at a much higher level and directing yourself to have much greater results?

You learn to control the levers of your own mind, so you can achieve anything you desire.  By making simple, positive changes, with the owner’s manual (your mind), you can design the life of your dreams.

More than one million people worldwide have taken our courses. Our graduates report these benefits:

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How It Works
The Gittelman-Silva two day workshop introduces you to the whole mind theory that allows you to use your mind as a muscle to expand your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors determining your experience. By harnessing those areas of your mind, you can positively alter your life experience.

How It Started
The Gittelman Method was founded by Justin Gittelman, after a decade of research in the fields of personal and professional development. His studies uncovered an inner working model demonstrated in the Whole Mind Theory. A recent mentor, Jose Silva was an evolutionary researcher of the mind who applied his findings to the exploration and development of the subjective dimension. Silva UltraMind System was founded by Jose Silva more than 50 years ago. Since then, millions of people worldwide have taken the Silva Ultramind course. Silva’s work has continued to expand with great visionaries leading his trainings.

In Southern California, Justin Gittelman is the licensed trainer of the Silva UltraMind System. He has trained thousands of people in these methods, supporting them in achieving the life and business of their dreams.

The Training
The Gittelman-Silva two day event is a life enriching experience. In these two days, you will learn how to access your mind’s brain wave frequencies, led through a model and techniques proven by Jose Silva and followed by millions of people today. You will learn how to use your mind’s effectiveness to harness creative abilities and begin living within your highest potential. Learn the process and techniques to create, manifest, and visualize with your mind.

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Whole Mind Theory = Massive Success
The Silva Ultra Mind System – Accessing Alpha

The Gittelman Method, Whole Mind Theory, is a powerful, right brain enhancing model that provides you with an all-access pass to one of the most powerful resources that lies within your Mind - Higher Consciousness.

The results are truly incredible:

Accessing Your Greater Abilities Now

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The two-day life-enriching experience will teach you how to access your mind’s effectiveness by applying the Whole Mind Theory. You will learn how to visualize, harness, and manifest your mind’s power, enabling you to use previously undiscovered creative abilities so that you can begin living up to your highest potential.

The New Mental Language of Success

Think of your mind as a muscle that requires exercise in order to optimize its capabilities. It needs to be used to its fullest potential in order to produce results. Like your body, what you put into it is what you get out of it. The more effort you make to involve your mind as a tool to create, grow, and attune your intelligence, the greater your level of success and happiness you will be able to experience.

While we all aspire to expand our mind’s capabilities, nobody has ever taught us how to create a mindset that effectively delivers higher levels of clarity, certainty, and prosperity in business and life. However, you now can learn how to apply some scientifically-proven methods to understand and communicate within a new mental language of success.

Tapping In for Greater Control

You are in a position to access untapped areas of your brain. Within these areas are some of the most creative, intelligent, imaginative, frequencies available. Learning how to best apply these frequencies and control them will allow you to achieve anything you desire. 

The question for you should not be, “Is this even possible?” You really should be asking, “How do I get started so I can gain control and gain the upper hand in directing my life’s path in business and in my personal life?”

Your first step is to join us at the next two day event that shows you how to make simple and positive changes in your life by taking the time to use your owner’s manual (your mind) to focus on opportunities and visualize alternative directions that deliver growth and success. Learn a new mental language for success.

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Mastering Visualization: The Creative Art to Success

Whole Mind Theory

Welcome to the evolution of thought – Whole Mind Theory.

An unveiling and enlightening unfoldment of your very own human potential. Learn an incredible set of techniques that stimulate a real application for the "Right" Mindset for Success. This opens doorways previously non-existent, enhances vision, access to greater pathways, all leading toward more fulfillment, greater humility, and larger contribution. All a result of Higher Achievement.

The GAP – Sustaining Your Higher Levels

The most difficult part of the change process that leads to growth and sustained development is the precise “how” that closes the gap between where you are and where you want to be. By harnessing the collective vision we engage creative abilities and real application to contain you on your path to success.

You are then able to bridge that gap by attaining the zone – that unique level of focus and creativity that channels achievement and propels you to the next level or stage in your development. It’s really about lightly controlling what is on your mind to what is within your mind that you can control to develop the intent and alignment that yields new growth.

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